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Sports betting in Arizona has been legal since September 9th, 2021. Following the launch, we’ve seen wagering amounts and tax revenues increasing, and they both look like they will only continue to grow. But who are the main operators that the people of Arizona have been betting with?

There are currently 18 online operators available in Arizona. That number is likely to continue to rise as more sports betting businesses look to launch their own operations. But when it was first legalized, there were only seven operators with licenses from the Arizona Department of Gaming.

The experts at have been checking out the top online sportsbooks to see how they’ve been doing so far. But were any of the new sportsbooks able to make any real headway, or is it a case of the early birds getting the worm?

Here are the top three performing sportsbooks so far…

3 – BetMGM Arizona

Amongst the first seven operators was BetMGM Arizona, a subsidiary of MGM Casinos and Resorts. BetMGM has been operating in the gambling industry for some time. And with sports betting opening up across the US, it was no surprise to see them enter the market.

However, with so many competitors coming to the market, the question was whether or not BetMGM Arizona could compete with the others. Well, thanks to their $1,000 risk-free bet offer for new customers, it seems they were able to beat most of their competitors.

The mobile app betting market was definitely key for them, whereby at the end of December 2021, it was reported that they had handled $103.8 million in bets. The third highest of all 11 sportsbooks that had been operating up until that point.

2 – FanDuel Arizona

FanDuel is one of the most recognized names in fantasy sports, so it is no surprise to see them moving into the sports betting market. Their dedication to making the move work is demonstrated by the mobile betting app and retail location at the Footprint Center.

Having both a physical location and an online presence has definitely helped grow the FanDuel Arizona brand. In December 2021, FanDuel handled $2.6 million in its retail location and $128.5 million via its online operations. This equals a whopping 26% of the mobile market.

1 – DraftKings Arizona

The leader of the pack of all the sportsbooks currently operating in the Grand Canyon state is DraftKings Arizona. This platform has collected a team of experts and analysts to help them break into the sports betting market too.

They have done so well, in fact, that they have been dominating the industry, handling 29.5% of the mobile market, which is in excess of $146 million. And again, that is only up until December 2021, and we know that wagering amounts have continued to increase since then.The question is how long will these three sportsbooks hold out at the top? New competitors like SuperBook Sports, Fubo Sportsbook, and Betfred have been awarded licenses in Arizona. So the top spots are up for grabs.