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We have brought together our team of experienced professionals to give you high-quality and trustworthy information about casinos and online sportsbooks in Arizona. Read on to find out more about our processes and how we form our comprehensive reviews of the casinos and sportsbooks currently on the market.

Who Are We?

As a group of experienced professionals covering the gaming industry in Arizona, our team has worked closely with different aspects of gambling and the technology that is now used to make the process easier. We understand the market and the companies that operate in it, allowing us to take an overall view of the quality of each sportsbook.

Ultimately, we believe that we know what players in Arizona want and where they can find it. But we also appreciate that not everyone has the same needs and that each of the casinos in Arizona, as well as legal online sportsbooks in the state have a series of pros and cons that every bettor needs to consider. From this starting point, we decided to make a useful website about the best sportsbooks in Arizona that you need to know about. 

Our approach to writing the information is to keep it as clear and simple but informative as possible. We understand that some of our readers want to find out quickly what sites we recommend or see a rating, while others want a more in-depth look at Arizona casinos and sportsbooks. Therefore, we aim to provide a service that suits every type of visitor.

What Do We Do?

Online sports betting in AZ is relatively new, as the law making it legal was only introduced in the state in early 2021. The first sportsbooks went online towards the end of 2021, with some of the gaming industry’s biggest hitters immediately turning their attention to the Grand Canyon State.

Not everyone can be expected to get to grips with something new like this right away. If you like the idea of betting on your favorite sports but aren’t sure how to get started, we’re here to help. Getting started isn’t as difficult as you think, and we’re here to make it even easier.

We put our expertise in the industry to good use, by letting Arizona residents find out how to get started on sports betting as smoothly as possible. So we’ve gathered here all the most relevant and up-to-date details on Arizona sports betting that you need to know before getting started.

Find out which sportsbooks are currently authorized and regulated by the Arizona authorities; what bonuses and promotions they offer, how easy is the site to navigate and what experience can you expect to receive when you use it.

We’ve thoroughly checked all of the online casinos and sportsbooks in Arizona so that you can find out right away which ones are most suited to your needs.

The Goal of This Site

It’s quite simple; we want to become the authoritative reference site for sports bettors in Arizona. By using our experience in the industry, we’ve looked at every aspect you need to know about before signing up anywhere.

What factors do we take into account to conclude each of the Arizona online casinos and sportsbooks we investigate? The following are the main areas you’ll see covered in our reviews:  

The Welcome Offer

It’s common to see a large welcome bonus, but how useful is it to you, and what are your chances of being able to withdraw some extra winnings with the offer?

The Registration Process

How easily can you get signed up as a new member and start wagering? We go through the process on a step-by-step basis for you.

Banking Details

This is where we look at what payment methods you can use to move money in and out of your sports betting account, and how long it takes to do this.

User Experience

This is the part of our reviews where we let you know what the site is like to use and how easy it is to navigate. By trying all the legal gambling sites in Arizona, we’ve been able to compare the experience between them all.

Mobile Gambling

The availability of a mobile betting app or a mobile-optimized site is non-negotiable for many Arizona bettors looking for a highly convenient approach that fits their lifestyle. This is why we test the mobile version of each site, to see how good it is and what exactly you can expect.  

Customer Service

The best gambling sites in Arizona are designed to give a trouble-free experience. However, you may need to contact their customer support to clear up an issue at some point. This part of our reviews is where we let you see how exactly you can go about doing this and what kind of service you can expect to receive.  

Fairness and Security

We understand that fairness and security features are high among the most important areas of online gambling that you need to know about. For this reason, we delve deeply into these key factors and explain the details of how each site approaches online safety.                           

Our Values and Why You Can Trust Us

We aim to provide a high degree of accuracy and transparency, allowing you to fully understand what to expect from any Arizona gambling site you wish to try. This is your place for finding quality, trusted information on which you can base your informed decisions with confidence.

Our information is accessible and well-presented, as we only tell you the details we see on the Arizona casinos and sportsbooks we review, together with our opinion on what this means to you. Only legal casinos and sportsbooks in Arizona are included on this site. From this solid starting point, we use our knowledge of the gambling market to assess them all. With an organized approach that sees us look fairly and objectively at each site available in the state, we give all the details you need to make the right online betting decisions.