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Basketball is one of the most popular sports in the United States, and the National Basketball Association (NBA) is the premier league in the country. If you are interested in betting on NBA games, this guide will teach you everything you need to know!

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NBA Markets For Arizona Bettors

Moneyline Bets

Let’s start with betting on the winning team. This is known as the moneyline. Bettors will wager on the team they think will win, regardless of how many points they would win.

This might look simple but you have to learn that sportsbooks are setting a line for each game and you must know how to read it. To make the betting process easier, sportsbooks use a three-digit system that assigns plus or minus values to teams. If there’s a positive number next to your team, you need to bet more money to win $100. On the other hand, if there’s a negative number next to your team, you will win more money if you bet $100.

Let’s say that the Phoenix Suns will host the Brooklyn Nets and FanDuel sportsbook set the odds like this:

  • Washington Wizards: +265
  • Phoenix Suns: -330

This means that your $100 bet on the Wizards will result in $265 winnings if they pulled off an upset. Meanwhile, you will need to wager $330 on the Suns to get a $100 winnings.

Point Spread Bets

Instead of simply wagering on the winning team, you have to bet on the difference between their score and the opposing team’s score. The sportsbook will set a line, this is called the point spread.

In Spread betting, sports betting platforms can either give or take points from teams depending on their perceived strengths and weaknesses in relation to one another. The favorites will have a negative point spread which they should cover, while the underdogs will be given a positive point spread which means that do not really have to win in order for your bet to win. They just need to be within a specific margin.

As in the previous example, let’s say that DraftKings set the spread like this:

  • Brooklyn Nets: +5
  • Phoenix Suns: -5

Here’s a summary of different scenarios and what will be the winning bet:

Winning TeamScoreWinning Bet


A popular betting market in Arizona is the Over/Under bets, known also as “Totals”, which are simpler bets where sportsbooks set a combined point total for both teams and you must wager on whether the actual points scored by both teams will be higher or lower than the set line.

For example, if Caesars sportsbook sets the line at 220 and you predict that the total points scored by both teams will exceed 220, you should go for the Over option. On the other hand, if you think that the total points scored by both teams won’t exceed 220 then you should bet on Under.

Now that we are done with the most common betting options for NBA games, here’s an example of how sportsbooks present them. Let’s say that the Chicago Bulls (underdogs) will face the Utah Jazz (favorites):

Winning TeamSpreadMoneyTotal
CHI+2.5 (-110)+120Over 234.5 (-110)
UTA-2.5 (-110)-142Under 234.5 (-110)

As you can notice, point spreads and totals still have negative numbers with them, these are called juices.  This is included for sportsbook operators to make money, regardless of which team wins or loses. You should also expect these numbers to change as the betting process progresses.

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Advance NBA Betting Options

What are NBA Parlays?

A parlay bet is a popular type of wager among NBA fans. To make a parlay bet, you select two or more teams that you think will win their games. If all of your selections win, you receive a higher payout than if you had bet on each team individually. For example, let’s say you wanted to place a three-team parlay bet on the following games:

  • Los Angeles Lakers vs. Sacramento Kings
  • Houston Rockets vs. Dallas Mavericks
  • Golden State Warriors vs. Portland Trail Blazers

If ALL three of your selected teams won their respective games, you would receive a payout that is higher than if you had placed three separate bets on each game. Of course, the downside to parlay betting is that if ANY one of your selections loses, your entire bet is lost. As such, parlay betting is considered to be a high-risk/high-reward type of wagering.

What are NBA Prop Bets?

Props are wagers on anything that doesn’t directly affect the outcome of a game. This can be individual player performance, amount of free throws made, or which team will score first. These bets are quite popular as they offer more flexibility and higher payouts than other types of bets.

There are several types of props:

  • Player Props: This is a bet on an individual player’s performance. For example, you can wager on the number of points or assists that a certain player will score in a game;
  • Team Props: These are bets related to team performance such as cumulative scoring, rebounds, and three-pointers made;
  • Game Props: These are bets on game-specific outcomes such as which team will win the first quarter, amount of free throws made, etc.

What are NBA Future Bets?

These are bets that you can make before the season begins or during the regular season. There are several types of futures available — you can wager on which team will win an NBA championship, who will be named MVP, and so much more.

Just like props, there are players and team futures. Player futures are wagers on individual stats and accomplishments such as the number of points scored, or which player will be named Rookie of the year. Team futures include betting on an overall win-loss record during the regular season, or team achievements like making it to the playoffs.

The payout on these bets are usually huge, however, it’s important to note that the odds can change as the season progresses.

How NBA Odds Are Calculated?

All sportsbooks in Arizona use the same basic formula to calculate odds. However, different sportsbooks can have different payouts for the same bet. This is why it’s important to look around and compare odds before making a betting decision. Here are some factors that they consider:

  1. Power Rankings.  One of the primary factors that sportsbooks consider when setting NBA odds is the strength of each team, and one of the best ways to measure it is through recent power rankings. This is a subjective measure of a team’s strength and performance. NBA Experts are the ones who are typically releasing their power rankings.
  2. Past Performance.  Sportsbooks consider the past performance of each team. This includes how many games they have won, how well an individual player has been doing, and any other key factors that could influence the game.
  3. Home-court Advantage. Home-court advantage is a major factor when it comes to NBA betting as home teams tend to perform better than away teams. This is why sportsbooks factor in home-court advantage when calculating odds.
  4. Injuries and Player Suspensions. Injuries and suspensions of key players also play an important role in determining the odds of a game. If one team is missing a key player, it can affect their performance significantly and this will be reflected in the odds set by sportsbooks.

With these factors in mind, sportsbooks can calculate the odds of each game and release them to the public. It’s important to remember that all sportsbooks can have different odds for the same game, so it’s important to compare them before deciding which one to bet on.

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NBA Betting Tips For Beginners

  1. Start with small amounts. You should never start with big amounts when you’re new to sports betting. Start with small amounts and get used to the betting process.
  2. Learn how to read lines. Understanding the point spreads and totals will help you know what is going on in the game.
  3. Pay attention to team news. Keeping an eye on the latest updates about teams can give you an edge over other bettors.
  4. Don’t bet on your favorite team. This one is important and it can help you maintain a balanced approach toward sports betting. You should never let your emotions get in the way of making sensible betting decisions.
  5. Follow experts or use tools to help you make smarter decisions when placing bets. There are many websites and tools out there that can help you make informed decisions when betting.

Where to Bet?

Now that you know more about NBA betting, you may be wondering where to bet. There are several online sportsbooks in Arizona that offer competitive odds for NBA games. It’s important to do your research before deciding which one to use.

Look for sites with a good reputation, reliable customer service, and competitive bonus offers. Once you’ve found a site you like, you can start betting on NBA games. Here are some of the most trusted sites we recommend on: