With sports betting legally permitted in over 30 states, the availability of legal wagering could mean lucrative business for many -including professional sports leagues and even the cities they call home

With legal sports betting now part of that equation, stadiums and businesses surrounding them can potentially enjoy an added layer of revenue beyond what they are accustomed to when it comes to the significant draw that professional sports have been known to have.

This isn’t just great news for those involved with pro sports, but also for their communities as well when it comes to increasing their overall economic presence, coupled with generating more fun at every game.

Does the Legality of Sports-Betting a Factor?

With the numerous factors that the NFL considers before choosing the next locations of its culminating event, how likely does the legality of sports betting one of those?

This is a question that only the committee can answer, but the location of the next three Super Bowls can imply something.

  • Super Bowl LVII – State Farm Stadium in Glendale, Arizona
  • Super Bowl LVIII – Allegiant Stadium in Las Vegas, Nevada
  • Super Bowl LIX – Caesars Superdome in New Orleans, Louisiana
State Farm Stadium will host SuperBowl 2023
State Farm Stadium will host SuperBowl 2023

The Super Bowl has seen its share of eventful games, but the location it’s hosted in has played an equally influential role. In the past, almost 54% of the 56 Super Bowls have taken place either in California or Florida, largely due to their desirable winter weather conditions. However, with new stadiums springing up and boasting a variety of amenities such as shopping areas and betting kiosks, the climate is no longer a deciding factor for locations.

Take for example Levi’s Stadium in Santa Clara, California, which is odds-on to be the host of Super Bowl LX. Though it currently does not permit sports betting, whether this changes by then seems to be dependent upon state and tribe leaders who are engaged in ongoing discussions about the issue.

How Does Sports Betting Boost NFL’s Financial Performance?

Betting may not directly bring money to NFL teams, but it’s a great way to engage current and potential fans. Legal sports betting just like in Arizona boosts promotional activity by increasing enthusiasm and investment in the games, meaning more viewers – and therefore more substantial profits from broadcaster revenues and broadcasting rights.

This is an invaluable asset that pays dividends for teams in terms of marketing appeal, even if associated with tangible revenue remains unclear. Arizona sportsbooks will surely benefit from the most prestigious event in American Pro Football sport, as bettors from around the country place bets on the NFL and especially on the Super Bowl while the NFL is definitely benefitting from cities with legal sports betting activities like Arizona.

Super Bowl LVII Preview

The Eagles and Chiefs are fired up and ready to take their rightful places in Super Bowl LVII! After defeating the San Francisco 49ers and Cincinnati Bengals respectively, the two teams can now focus on advancing towards the championship title next Sunday. The Eagles (-1.5) open as slight favorites while the Total is set at 49.5, as per FanDuel AZ Sportsbook.

The scene in Glendale, Arizona promises an epic showdown that has all the ingredients of a classic – from world-class players and spectacular plays to palpable excitement that will echo throughout the stadium. It’s anyone’s game now – but who will come out on top? February 12th won’t take too long to tell.