The events of the last few weeks in Arizona have been a whirlwind for the Cardinals franchise, as tremendous change has swept through the organization in record time.

After finishing the season with a 4-13 record, far short of expectations, changes have to be in the “Cards.”

The first was that Kliff Kingsbury was jettisoned from his job as head coach. That same day, long-time general manager Steve Keim announced his resignation which paved way for Monti Ossenfort, who has now teamed up with Cards’ owner Michael Bidwill to find an appropriate replacement for Kingsbury.

The search for the new Cardinals head coach is still ongoing but there are a few names who are emerging on top:

  1. Sean Payton
  2. Dan Quinn
  3. Frank Reich
  4. Brian Flores

After finishing the season with a 4-13 record and short of expectations, changes have to be made in the Cards’

Sean Payton From the Saints

There is no doubt that if the Arizona Cardinals were to take a formal poll of their fan base, former New Orleans Saints head coach Sean Payton would be the top choice for the job. With an impressive 152-89 won-loss record under his belt, it’s easy to see why.

Nearly two weeks ago, the Cards made the request and asked permission to interview Payton. However, there are rumors that Payton does not prefer to work with the new Cards GM.

Payton would undoubtedly bring a new level of success and prestige to the Arizona Cardinals that they haven’t experienced in recent years. His signature brand of highly tactical football could make them an AFC powerhouse, as he is no stranger to postseason appearances and playoff wins. 

While the rumor is not yet confirmed nor denied by the former Saints head coach, fans can still hope for a great future for the Cards if Payton ends up being their new head coach.

Dan Quinn of the Cowboys

Another top candidate was the current defensive coordinator for the Dallas Cowboys – Dan Quinn. This recognition is no surprise, as Quinn is renowned for his coaching credentials, such as leading the Atlanta Falcons to their first-ever Super Bowl in 2017.

Despite their eventual defeat to the Patriots and Tom Brady’s incredible comeback, the impact of Quinn’s leadership has not been forgotten.

The 52-year-old prospect possesses tremendous insight into how he can make a team both competitive and successful, hence why he has been so sought out by numerous teams.

If the Cards would not seal a deal with Payton, Quinn will still be a great choice.

Frank Reich from the Colts

When Frank Reich arrived in Indianapolis, expectations were high for the Colts. After all, Reich was a former Super Bowl champion who had seemingly been well-regarded as an offensive coordinator before becoming the head coach.

Despite earning a pair of playoff berths in his three seasons with the team, Reich was unceremoniously dismissed after injuries mounted and they started the 2022 campaign at 3-5-1.

Reich will be an interesting pick for the Cards as he has experience as a head coach and an offensive coordinator.

Reich is undoubtedly the most overlooked name on the list, he still could bring some exciting changes to Arizona if they decide to give him a chance. He’s known for his sustained success in Philadelphia coupled with his experience as a quarterback.

Brian Flores of the Steelers

This should not be a surprise to anyone, for Flores and Steve Ossenfort have had a close relationship since working together with the New England Patriots from 2008-2019.

Richards has made clear he wanted to hire someone who holds a similar vision to his own, so what could be more fitting than reuniting with an old colleague?

Though Flores may be the frontrunner, it would seem unlikely that he would seek out the Arizona Cardinals given their connection to the racial discrimination lawsuit which he filed last year against other NFL franchises.

Simply put, the notion of heading to ‘Big Red’ does not appear high on Brain Flores’ list of priorities.