The Arizona Diamondbacks are facing a complex stadium situation as they continue to weigh their options with regard to extending their lease at Chase Field.

The team’s current lease is set to expire in 2027, and team President and CEO Derrick Hall, along with owner Ken Kendrick, recently spoke to reporters to provide updates on the situation.

“It’s a pretty complex issue for us because we’re county-owned, yet we try and work alongside the city, the state, it’s got to be a partnership. If we’re gonna stay downtown, we’re willing to invest hundreds of millions of dollars in the ballpark”

CEO Derrick Hall

Chase Field, which is owned by the Maricopa County Stadium District, is the fourth oldest park in the National League, and Hall acknowledged that the future of where the team will play is still very much “up in the air.” The Diamondbacks are considering a range of options, including the possibility of building a new stadium, relocating to a different city, or extending their lease at Chase Field.

“… There are a lot of moving parts, we’re still looking at what other options might be in Maricopa County, not outside of Maricopa County, and there have been some interested parties.”

Will the Diamondbacks Move to a New Stadium?

The Arizona Diamondbacks’ quest for a new stadium has hit some roadblocks in recent years, as team President and CEO Derrick Hall recently acknowledged. According to Hall, momentum in finding a long-term solution slowed due to the COVID-19 pandemic and last year’s lockout.

Hall expressed his desire to have a clearer direction for the team’s future by this summer, as the clock continues to tick down on the lease agreement. Owner Ken Kendrick added a touch of humor to the situation, joking that he would like to know the team’s direction within his lifetime.

The Diamondbacks have a promising young core, but it doesn’t seem to impress the oddsmakers as they list the Dbacks with one of the lowest odds to emerge victorious this year. Their MLB betting odds are listed as +12500 to win the World Series and +5000 to win in the National League (odds per BetMGM Arizona).

Is Renovation Possible?

As the Arizona Diamondbacks consider their options for the future, one possibility is staying put and renovating their current home at Chase Field. According to team President and CEO Derrick Hall, renovations could be on a timetable of 3-7 years, with upgrades to the scoreboards and audio systems taking place more quickly.

Owner Ken Kendrick emphasized that improving infrastructure and enhancing the fan experience would be top priorities if the team stays at Chase Field. Kendrick noted that the team is committed to making the ballpark as appealing as possible to fans, as they are the ones who ultimately pay the bills.

To that end, the Diamondbacks are exploring ways to offer premium amenities and experiences, similar to what the Phoenix Suns have done at their arena. Kendrick pointed out that people are more willing to spend money when the experience is better, and the team is committed to providing a top-notch experience for its fans.

“When you see the new ballparks, its office spaces and hotels and restaurants, something that could benefit whether we are downtown or elsewhere, Where are those opportunities for us, that’s another thing that we’re discussing internally. Because we would love to create 365 days a year of activation around the ballpark.”

Ken Kendrick

Despite the potential costs involved, Kendrick emphasized that the MLB team is prepared to invest hundreds of millions of dollars into the renovations. The Diamondbacks are not looking for a handout, but rather are committed to investing in the team and its future success.