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TwinSpires Is not currently active for players in the state of Arizona. The review that appears here is based on the brand’s activity until it ceased operations.
We invite you to read and be impressed by other sportsbooks that are active in Arizona.

Twinspires Arizona Sportsbook Review and Special Features

The sportsbooks on Twinspires isn’t just another betting website, it’s also an enormously respected name in the professional racing circuit. This company is so integrated with racing that it holds the title of the official wagering service of the Kentucky Derby, and the prestige doesn’t stop there.

With hundreds of tracks to choose from, strong performance on mobiles, and a respectable customer service model, Twinspires AZ finds itself among the greats.

4.3 rating
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Twinspires Sportsbook Signup Bonuses

Twinspires is an Arizona sportsbook website that puts a strong emphasis on building customer relationships. This is accomplished through the use of two different racing sign-up offers, for a total of $450 extra cash to play with.

$200 Sign Up Offer

With this bonus offer, players can gain an extra $200 on regular deposits to take their bets even further.

Bet $10 Get $250

Applicable only in certain areas (including other sportsbooks in Arizona and the rest of the state), this feature gives users $250 extra to bet with after a $10 wager.

How Bettors Claim the Twinspires Welcome Offers

Since these are both welcome offers, claiming them is made possible right after signup. Keep this in mind, and abide by the following rules.

$200 Sign Up Offer

To claim this offer, enter the Twinspires promo code for Arizona players: BET200 when opening their accounts. The bonus cash for this promotion is given out in increments of $100 for every $400 wagered. This means that to claim the maximum $200, players must wager $800 of their own cash. The offer remains valid for 30 days within the opening of an account, and can only be used once per household.

Bet $10 Get $250

Claiming this offer requires the user to sign up with the code XSIGNUP250. After placing $10 in paid bets, players will be given five free bets worth $50 each. These will be given out once per week for five weeks. To use the free bets, players can only place wagers with odds above -150. Only applicable to sports markets.

A little hit and miss, welcome offers can be great, but they’re not without their problems.

On the negative side, players can only claim one of the two. Since signups and claiming bonuses require confirmation of identity, there’s no easy way around this. Having to put down a lot of cash to claim the signup offer can also be restrictive for players who don’t plan to put a lot down quickly.

On the positive side, Twinspires lists no wagering requirements for these bonuses. If this is true, then the downsides can easily be overlooked, as bonus cash without requirements is extremely rare and significant for the player.

Other Promotions and Offers

Though we can’t list them due to their time-sensitive and changing nature, the Twinspires sportsbook offers a robust range of seasonal and rotating bonuses. These include seven different offers at the time of review, with leaderboards, special weekday promotions, insurance, enhanced win contributions, and more.

Twinspires VIP System

The Twinspires sportsbook has enjoyed word of mouth among Arizona racing resorts for a reason, even if the service is an entirely digital one. The big standout here is the VIP system, called TSC Elite.

With this, account holders on Twinspires automatically generate TSC Elite points when betting. The amount generated is equal to one point per dollar wagered at minimum. Four points per dollar are earned on the following courses:

  • Churchill Downs
  • Fairgrounds
  • Presque Isle
  • Ocean Downs
  • Arlington
  • Turfway Park
  • Miami Valley Raceway

Each of these points remains valid for up to 12 months after they’re earned. After certain spending intervals, multipliers will apply to points earnings, up to 11x max.

Earning enough points will grant users access to one of four tiers of VIP rewards membership. Rewards include free admission to real racetracks, invitations to special events, and even concierge services for Kentucky Derby ticketing.

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Betting Options and Types on Offer

TwinSpires offers many betting options, with all the big names we’d hope for in sports betting. These include the following:

  • Australian Rules
  • Baseball
  • Basketball
  • Boxing
  • Cricket
  • Cycling
  • Darts
  • Esports
  • Football
  • Formula 1
  • Gold
  • Hockey
  • Motorsports
  • Rugby League
  • Rugby Union
  • Soccer
  • Super Odds
  • Table Tennis
  • Tennis

Before moving on, betting fans should know that Twinspires does offer a casino section, but it’s not available for AZ players. So far, it’s playable in Michigan, New Jersey, and Pennsylvania online, but this might not always be the case. Online sports betting in Arizona only became fully legal in 2021, but at the rate online gambling laws in the state are progressing, this might change within the next few years.

Twinspires Payment and Withdrawal Options

While it doesn’t offer the broadest range we’ve ever seen, Twinspires still involves all the crucial options in deposit and withdrawal options. These include:

Bill Pay:

 Expected Processing TimeFeesLimits (Min/Max)


 Expected Processing TimeFeesLimits (Min/Max)
DepositInstantaneousN/ANo limits
Withdrawal2-5 daysN/A$10/$9,999

Green Dot:

 Expected Processing TimeFeesLimits (Min/Max)

Mastercard and Visa:

 Expected Processing TimeFeesLimits (Min/Max)
DepositInstantaneous$5 per transaction$1/$500


 Expected Processing TimeFeesLimits (Min/Max)
Withdrawal2-5 daysN/A$$10/$9,999


 Expected Processing TimeFeesLimits (Min/Max)
WithdrawalInstant after approvalN/A$10/$9,999


 Expected Processing TimeFeesLimits (Min/Max)

Payment methods are all very simple no matter which option you choose. Online payment systems are accessible equally well on both desktop and mobile systems.

Registering for Twinspires

To register on this Arizona sportsbook website, press the sign-up button on whatever browser you use. This can be on mobile or desktop, or another HTML5 compatible device. Signing up is a simple three-step process.

The first page includes basic contact information, and the offer code you wish to use if you want to claim a signup bonus. Only one signup offer code can be used per account.

Page two involves locational information. Be sure not to make any spelling issues here, as this is used to help verify identity.

The final page requires the user to select a username and password, and enter some final identity verification options.

The Twinspires Sportbook User Experience

As a website built from the ground up to cater to sports betting, Twinspires offers a directed and concentrated experience. Every facet of the user interface is easy to understand at a glance, clearly labeled, and logically laid out. No matter your knowledge level with internet devices, you shouldn’t have any problem making your way around Twinspires, placing bets, or otherwise engaging with its content.

Also available for mobile play is the Twinspires Bet Anywhere app for IOS and Android devices. Boasting a place as the official wagering service of the Kentucky Derby, this app could be helpful for some users, but it’s not strictly necessary. With advances to new website code, called HTML5, the website on mobile can do everything the app can. There is a big advantage, however, in that the app won’t allow users to accidentally navigate to an outside website, so it could be a better choice for the unfamiliar.

Mobile Accessibility and Usability

In general mobile operation, with or without the app, Twinspires’ attention to the user experience has created a solid system. This scales to different mobile devices, meaning no having to mess around or get confused with small buttons or missed presses. It also comes with low demands on processing and bandwidth. This means it will run well on old phones, and won’t eat up your monthly data allowances if you’re playing from a 3G, 4G, or 5G network.

Legal Status and Information

With “more than 145 years of wagering experience”, you can bet Twinspires didn’t skimp when it comes to making things legal. Twinspires itself launched as an advanced deposit wagering service in 2007, but its host company, Churchill Downs Incorporated, dates back to 1875.

Registered and headquarters in Louisville Kentucky, this is an American-owned and operated business, which is important for many sportsbook Arizona players.

Licensing and Safety

The Twinspires sportsbook online system utilizes the latest in Secure Socket Layer (SSL) technology. Granted an A- rating from security website Immuniweb, this is a website that users should have no trouble trusting.

Rather than having a license from an overseas website, Twinspires has its license from Oregon. There isn’t a lot of information regarding this form of license, save for the fact that it is both relatively new and highly respected.

The software used for Twinspires is again unusual, using a proprietary solution for their gambling systems. Few services have the means to accomplish a feat on this level, so we’d mark this as another win for the company.

Customer Service Specifics

The customer service in Twinspires is separated into four primary options. The FAQ section offers a robust selection of different topics, ranging from account information to basic answers about racing types.

For more direct help, users can turn to live help, phone contact, and email support. Live help is available 24/7, which is unexpected considering this is a website built primarily for US players like sportsbook Arizona enthusiasts. Phone contact is also available 24/7 with a free 1800 number.

Email contact does come with regular 9 AM to 12 AM / EST hours, but given the quality of the other options, we’re not marking Twinspires down too much for this.

Twinspires: Among The Best?

Though there are many different trusted websites out there for sports betting, few are so US-focused as Twinspires. Coming from over a century of experience in US racing, Twinspires knows exactly what US players want, and how to appeal to them. The only real complaint we’d have is that the welcome bonuses can be a little finicky, but even this is for good reason.

Our Summary

Selection, design, rewards, seasonal bonuses, and real attention to what online sportsbook Arizona players want. No matter how much you know about turning to digital sports betting, Twinspires is one of the best in the business. You don’t have to take our word for it either, you can check out the official website on mobile or desktop to see for yourself.

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Remember to Gamble Responsibly

Winning big is always a great feeling, but sometimes the thrill of the chase can lead us down some dark roads. Problem gambling affects more than three million Americans, and it’s never anything you should hide from.If you feel like you’re in need of support, help services are freely available in AZ and throughout the United States. Remember: getting help is the first step toward getting better.

Is Twinspires trusted within the US?

Yes, Twinspires and its host company have a proven legacy going back over a hundred years.

Do I need to be an expert to bet at Twinspires?

Not at all, Twinspires has an FAQ system that can teach you the basics.

Do I need a fast phone to bet on sportsbook Arizona websites like Twinspires?

No, you do not. Even humble devices can usually run the best online sportsbooks in Arizona without issue.

Can I bet with crypto on the Twinspires sportsbook?

No, Twinspires does not offer ways to deposit or withdraw with crpyto.

4.3 rating
  • Hundreds of tracks
  • Great mobile app and website
  • Made by Americans for Americans
  • Extremely easy to use layout
  • Customer support is top-notch
  • VIP bonuses claimable at real courses
  • More payment options would be nice
  • Difficult to achieve high VIP rewards
4.3 rating