As one of the most impressive minds in the NFL, rumors have been circulating that former New Orleans Saints coach Sean Payton may be in talks with a number of potential teams. With his tenure at the Saints being something of a dynasty, it’s no surprise that many franchises would like to snap him up. As it stands now, Payton isn’t letting on where he might end up but with over a decade of experience as a head coach, not to mention his Super Bowl ring, one has to believe he is drawing serious interest.

Payton Is The Favorite To Be The Next Coach Of The Arizona Cardinals

The Arizona Cardinals‘ firing of Kliff Kingsbury on Monday has opened up the potential for an exciting new hire. According to DraftKings Sportsbook, New Orleans Saints head coach Sean Payton is the favorite to be their next head coach, with +200 odds implying a 33.3% chance of him taking the job.

This could be quite a problematic gamble though because any team signing Payton would need to compensate his former team and current NFL powerhouse, the New Orleans Saints. And presently, the Saints don’t have a pick in this year’s upcoming first round of the NFL season draft – an issue that causes further apprehension for fans at both sides of what could be a lucrative new partnership.

Michael Bidwell’s Statement About Payton

At a press conference on Tuesday, Cardinals owner Michael Bidwell’s face lit up with a grin when Payton was mentioned, yet he still refused to confirm that the man was being considered for the position. Bidwill remained silent when asked if he was planning to contact Payton directly.

“What I am willing to do financially is get the best coach and the best GM,” Bidwill stated. “I don’t know (that) the biggest name correlates to the best coach, so I guess what I would say is I definitely want to make sure that we get the best coach.”

As per the reports, a majority of potential candidates that the Cardinals have interviewed or are planning to interview for GM roles. It is also worth noting that team owner Bill Bidwill declared his preference for hiring a General Manager first. “But if that doesn’t happen, we’re not going to be afraid to hire the right head coach and we’re looking forward on those interviews,” Bidwill added.