46.6 Million Americans Will Bet on NFL This Season; Insights Into Responsible Gambling

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According to the American Gaming Association research, an estimated 46.6 million Americans will bet on NFL games. This number is slightly ahead of the 2021 numbers but still a record-breaking one. The AGA also has some key takeaways about responsible gambling behavior among NFL fans.

Money on the table while watching NFL

AGA Research Results

The research included a survey that started last month and asked 2,200 people about their gambling activities. The respondents are allowed to pick more than one answer due to the multiple betting opportunities available in the market.

NFL Bettors

The key finding of the research is that almost 47 million American adults or nearly 18% of the population are expected to place a wager on NFL games. Almost half of the players (49%) prefer online sportsbooks, 23% choose to bet in person at land based casinos while 13% stated that they will play through a bookie.

While having players who prefer to bet through a bookie may be alarming for some, It can show a positive side if we will take a look at the trend since 2020 where 18% answered the same. The figure goes down last year with 15% responses and it goes further this year. Most of those bettors are from states which have not yet legalized sports betting including Texas and California.

Bill Miller, AGA President, and CEO stated that the growing numbers in NFL wagering are just a glimpse of how the online sports betting industry is maturing in the previous years. He added that players nowadays are leaning towards regulated sports betting platforms due to their role in building a more sustainable market.

Responsible Gambling Findings

The research also tackles the effects of responsible gaming programs and finds some positive results. The vast majority of US punters are aware that there is a way to regulate their wagering behavior.

The figure was surprising, as it showed almost everyone who answered knows about responsible gambling tools available for use – with 92% reporting they were somehow made aware by either ads or other people’s stories told at parties when bettors get together over sports.

In addition, nine out of ten seasoned bookmakers said they have seen these types of advertisements recently more than before which shows a more aggressive approach of different organizations to combat gambling problems.

Moreover, the research findings also include that 82% of the NFL bettors believe that the existing responsible gambling programs are effective while 81% agree that the sports betting industry cares about the players and is committed to promoting responsible gaming.